How does this work?

If you're a designer, you will get an opportunity to work one-on-one with Angie the week of the shoot. Angie will walk you through her thought process when setting up for a styled shoot and you'll have plenty of time to ask questions, make some friends and get hands-on experience to add to your design portfolio!

Anna will work with the photographers on the day of the shoot, doing a walk-through of her process when approaching a shoot before handing the shoot over to you guys! You'll have plenty of time to direct and get the shots you want, meet other photographers in your field and ask Anna any questions you have along the way!


What should i bring?

Photographers- just bring your camera, lenses and memory cards! 

Designers- we will provide all of the styling products for you! 



Designers, you'll come for a private mentor session the week of the workshop to hang out with Angie but are welcome to come back and stay as long as you'd like while everything is being photographed! This is a great time to connect with other people in the industry and meet some photographers you may want to work with in the future! 

Photographers, we'll have three hours blocked off for the shoot but you can stay as short as you'd like, or stay the whole time! The space is open for you to get what you need and some shoots you may need more time than others! There's no strict timeline so we'll hang out until you feel like you've nailed it.


how many PHOTOGRAPHERS are coming?

We will cap this number depending on the shoot. Because some months we will have multiple shoots going on at one time, the number of attendees will vary. We promise to keep the number small enough so that everyone has plenty of time to get the shots they need so don't worry about being lost in a crowd! This will work like a typical portfolio shoot mentorship with Anna- she'll direct some of her favorite shots that anyone is welcome to shoot and then each person will have a chance to direct and get their specific vision in.